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New Mindset Coaching and Training


New Mindset Coaching and Training (NMCT) was founded in 2020 in Belgium, with the vision and purpose to accompany for-profit and for-impact organizations in the development of conscious leadership models.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to live a purposeful life, by cultivating mindset of learning, growth and contribution.

We are an adult education, training and coaching provider. The main areas of training activities and coaching services are:

Leadership development
Conscious leadership practices
Career development
Organisational and self-awareness
Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
Culture monitoring and mapping
Coaching mindset
Burnout coaching
Wellbeing at the workplace
Positive intelligence
Capacity building programs
Entrepreneurship training
Resilience building
Co-active coaching
Organisational constellations
Intuition in business
Systemic coaching
Individual, group and team coaching process
Team bonding and performance improvement
Emotional intelligence and agility

Vision and Focus

Our focus areas for 2022-2024 training work: Burnout prevention, Resilience, Growth, Positive Intelligence, Organizational health and Leadership.

We have a wide range of close professional contacts with external experts from the coaching and training field, mentorship and education, systematic coaching and business intuition, marketing and communications, sales and business development and green and environmental change professionals, all of whom are engaged in different projects, events, and activities.

Based in the administrative heart of Europe Brussels, Belgium, the organisation has partnership access to the European institutions and numerous institutional and business stakeholders.
NMCT participates in the design, management, and implementation of national, EU, and international training and mentoring initiatives based in Belgium, and across Europe.


Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a strategy, targeted toward increasing the effectiveness and cohesiveness of workforce teams. Team coaching supports the team...

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Meet the experts

Svetoslava Stoyanova

Svetoslava Stoyanova

Founder of NMCT

Professional certified coach and trainer (with 500+ hours of coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation).  Svetoslava is seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience, entrepreneur and coach with robust knowledge and proven track-record and expertise in adult education and youth, fundraising, capacity building, coaching and communications in NGO and corporate sector. Only for the past few years the company founder has been having a leading role in both fundraising and implementation of numerous projects and events, exposing hundreds young adults and young people to entrepreneurship learning and coaching mindset.


Years of experience

Hours of coaching

New Mindset Coaching & Training is built around the theory and practice of partnerships and its work is grounded in the Bond of Co-creators – a professional community of experienced and autonomous entrepreneurs. Experts who are part of The Bond are already walking the walk. Projects in which we collaborate are another avenue for them to craft and ship meaningful work while partnering with other talented professionals. 
We understand that the best way to serve holistically rarely stems from one person’s expertise. Based on background and interests, NMCT together with The Bond of Co-creators is available to design and deliver tailor-made individual, group, team and organizational business solutions. 

Bond of Co-Creators

Leeni Ringman

Leeni Ringman

Expertise in individual and group coaching for parents, early childhood education, creating healthy boundaries, emotion regulation, communication with children & strengthening relationships within the family.

Kombe Temba

Kombe Temba

Expertise is in personal leadership coaching and consulting, public speaking and training, corporate strategy development, public and private finance, pension, and insurance, writing, editing and graphic design.

Elica Mollov

Elica Mollov

Expertise is in project and event management, graphic design and design thinking, creative solutions to uncreative situations, startup business idea discovery, validation and execution, community cultivation and growth.

Iana Avramova

Iana Avramova

Expertise in the field of educational board games and innovative tools development for adults and children, holistic coaching, start-up mentor and advisor, creativity leadership, operations, and management of multidisciplinary teams, UI/UX eminence, advanced belief clearing practitioner.


Success of the talent development and burnout prevention program at CCT

NMCT in a creative teamwork with Your Ideas Matter, conceptualised, designed, executed and delivered a tailor-made talent development program, aimed at the managers at the Center for Creative Training.
As the Program Director of the company, I collaborated with NMCT’s people from initiation to finish of the program, and it was an incredible journey, as 6 of our top managers worked in a personal process with Svetoslava and her team, towards improving their leadership skills, re-affirming their purpose within the organisation, and identifying key areas for personal development and growth to work on for the duration of the program and beyond.
The overall evaluation of the program was extremely positive, with all 6 participants reporting an increased sense of belonging, and a renewed drive to learn and develop.
I cannot recommend Svetoslava highly enough, having participated in two of her workshops myself. A true professional who has kept an open and positive mindset who transfers it to the people she works with, together with great insight and professionalism.

Ioanna Mincheva, Center for Creative Education,

Program Director at the time of recommendation

Career journey to a new level

NMCT’s coaching service is one that surely upgrades your experience to new levels. Their approach in coaching is calm, balanced, and friendly. I worked personally with Svetoslava Stoyanova and through our leadership sessions she has always sought dialogue and teamwork. I sincerely recommend NMCT and particularly Svetoslava Stoyanova as a coach if you or your organization want to set and achieve goals and take the working performance and journey to a higher level.

Leona Aslanova, Innovation Starter Founder and CEO

Improved leadership with systemic coaching

I participated in the “Better me” coaching program of NMCT in 2021. My purpose was towards working on my leadership style which also included team management, conflict management and negotiation. The program teaches you how to find solutions within yourself using your thought process and your emotions and giving yourself different options for taking action. Among other things I learnt from this wonderful coaching journey was to see things from systemic perspective. A solid recommendation from me!

Anna Papagrigoraki, Cepi, Director Sustainable Development