SPAgame is a project aimed at the development of Stress PAndemic Board GAME for Adult Trainers, in partnership with IMD GROUP from Bulgaria. 

SpaGAME is a board game that can be used as an auxiliary tool by coaches and adult trainers during various training, facilitation and team coaching sessions, etc. with adult learners. SpaGAME can support adult educators (facilitators, trainers, coaches, consultants, therapists, etc.) in their work on topics related to wellbeing, professional burnout, pandemic burnout, psycho emotional stress and the prevention of these conditions.

The game creates a positive environment and an interactive atmosphere for the participants to exercise strategies for mental resilience and wellbeing. It offers ready-to-use techniques for achieving resilience, mindfulness for strengthening physical and mental health, mindfulness coaching, psychological well-being.

“SpaGAME” has received funding from the European Union Union’s Erasmus+ program. 

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