Team Coaching is a strategy, targeted toward increasing the effectiveness and cohesiveness of workforce teams. Team coaching supports the team dynamics and wellbeing at the workplace and is delivered to a group of professionals working together on projects, in business, non-profit, or event volunteer environment; this may involve team members engaging in a string of both group and individual coaching sessions. 

There are clear benefits from team coaching for the individual team members as well. Team members develop a new understanding of how effective teams operate. They learn new skills and practices. They develop confidence and they raise their expectations for teams in general.

New Mindset Coaching and Training offers professional team coaching service, embedding the methodology of the Solution Focused Team Coaching and Systemic Team Coaching Perspective. 

Our pool of trainers is certified in different programs under the team coaching field, and some of the experiences we can refer to, include team coaching with teams from non-profit sector in Belgium and business organizations in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Asia.