Burnout Coaching in Adults Education

The “Burnout Coaching” project is an initiative in partnership with The Modern Education Foundation in Bulgaria and derives from the lack of useful protocol in tackling pre-stages and stages of burnout, in trainers’ individual and group coaching work with adults. The two participating organizations’ strategic mission is to empower young adults and adults with the coaching mindset of proactivity and development of purpose driven career, to help their clients mitigate negative effects of stress on their motivation and productivity and support them to contribute intellectually and with expertise to their environment and constituency circles.

The project started with a thorough research stage – preparatory for the development of a Manual for Adult Trainers. The Manual will equip the target group with contemporary, relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes to design, organise, deliver and assess training to adult learners with focus on preventing burnout. “Burnout Project” has received funding from the European Union Union’s Erasmus+ program, under grant agreement № 21PSA0004 / 2021-1-BE01-KA210-ADU-000034012, awarded by the Agence francophone pour l’éducation et la formation tout au long de la vie (AEF-Europe), NA Belgium.


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February 24, 2022