The I.YOU project unites the efforts of 4 adult education providers from Belgium (NMCT), Bulgaria (Vane Dale Europe,, National Management School, and Iceland (North Consulting,

The I.YOU Project addresses post-covid and politically challenging situation in Europe, in the recent years, mainly supporting trainers and young people 18-29 to establish coping mechanisms to improve their mental health, wellbeing, and purpose for the future. 

Our teams are united by the creation of an inclusive, accessible, online coaching tool (I.YOU) that will facilitate the process of self- coaching and empowerment to help our target group, young people from 18 to 29 y.o. dealing with the post-pandemic challenges and adapt to the adversity and uncertainty of the new world’s reality.

The project I.YOU is co-funded by the Erasmus + Program of the EU,  Reference Number of Financial Contract: 2022-1-BE04-KA220-YOU-000085875. 

Visit I.YOU Website: HERE