The project’s acronym “DiARC” represents Digitalisation, Art, Resilience, and Creativity, the principles that underpin its mission: to build the resilience of young people and art communities to the negative financial consequences of the covid-19 pandemic. The project combines the experience, resources, and expertise of four partnering organizations from Belgium (NMCT), United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Slovenia. 

NMCT contributes with know-how in content development and design of training for young persons in the field of creativity, entrepreneurship, coaching and soft skills. A digital deck of creativity cards to be used in facilitation is one of the direct outcomes of NMCT’s participation in the project.

The partnership consortium develops a comprehensive online training that encourages young people to develop their artistic talents in combination with their entrepreneurial skills. DiARC also supports art professionals in their transformation as youth workers and in developing their skills in delivering digital youth work. Link to the website – here.

“DiARC Project” has received funding from the European Union Union’s Erasmus+ program, under grant agreement № 2020-1-UK01-KA227-YOU- 094427, NA UK.